Gwendolyn Howard, Program Coordinator
Gwendolyn Howard, also known as "Ma G", started off as a volunteer at the Shaw Community Ministry in 2009 and was hired as a member of the staff in 2010. She has an associate's degree in early child/infant education and Bachelor of Arts in human development. Gwen coordinates the programs for our youngest students, maintains the Ministry's files and carries out other office administrative duties.

Melissa Laws, Program Coordinator
Melissa Laws became involved with the Shaw Community Ministry when one of her daughters entered the after school program. After being a parent volunteer for some time she was offered a job and immediately accepted. Her responsibilities include tutoring and helping our older students with homework. Melissa also directs the Ministry's "Celebrate Yur Heritage" performances. She is also pursuing a degree in social work.

Greg Windley, Program Coordinator
Greg Windley has previous experience working in youth and community services and has been with Shaw Community Ministry since 2010. He helps plan special events and activities, such as the annual Christmas and Halloween parties, and has also written the scripts for several of the Ministry's "Celebrate Your Heritage" performances. Greg believes one of the most rewarding experiences of working at the Shaw Community Ministry is seeing how children grow up and become strong contributors to society. As with our other program coordinators, Greg also helps run the many activities in our after-school and summer camp programs.